Reward the loyalty of your customers by offering them a code they can use to register for an online promotion and obtain gifts or exclusive discounts.

Use our Customer Loyalty Rewards app as a loyalty program software to convert your customers into followers of your online channels and keep them engaged with your brand.

Create your loyalty program app to reward your customers and clients with a code that they can use to register in an online promotion in exchange for gifts, discounts and exclusive offers.

The loyalty program software will let you foster the loyalty from your customers by means of a sweepstakes, promotional codes and exclusive offers, while converting them from offline customers into followers of your online channels.

The loyalty app allows you to upload all the codes that you want to distribute at the point of sale, or where you distribute them, so that all users that receive a code should insert it into the application to be able to register in the promotion. The app will automatically verify if the code is valid and has not been used before. The application includes the sweepstakes tool to select winners and alternate winners in an automatic, random and transparent way.