Test your followers’ knowledge of your brand and products or a specific topic using a quiz. Use our app to create a quiz and offer your users a fun experience that will challenge and motivate them, awarding those who know the most.

With the  quiz maker app you can test your followers’ and customers’ knowledge and awareness about your brand, products and services with a question & answer contest.

You can customize the quiz completely and design it exactly as you want, add pictures, written content and videos, and combine different types of questions. The app will let you create as many questions as you want and indicate the correct answers. You can add single answer questions, multiple-choice questions or even sortable answers.

Use the summary page to show the right and wrong answers and choose if you want the users to start over or continue to registration. Make a quiz online that lets you offer your followers a fun and engaging experience, while rewarding those who know the most by carrying out a final sweepstakes among all the participants who answered the quiz questions correctly.