Organize a Youtube sweepstakes between all users who comment on a video on your YouTube channel

Select the winners and alternates of the sweepstakes randomly and get a Certificate of Validity that guarantees that the sweepstakes has been carried out transparently. Use our Youtube random comment picket and find the winning commentary in minutes!

Use our Youtube Sweepstakes app to create engagement and visibility to your Youtube channel.

Run a sweepstakes between all users who comment on a video published on your channel with our random comment picker.

You get a Certificate of Validity that provides transparency to your YouTube Sweepstakes.

You’ll be able to convert a YouTube video into a sweepstakes between all users who have left a comment on the video.

This is the easiest way for YouTube users to participate, as all they need to do is leave a comment: no registration is required.

Thus, you’ll increase the visibility of your YouTube channel, as well as user engagement with your videos.