The best thing in every business is to turn the consumer into a customer.

But for the customer to purchase again, he has to see in our establishment a place to satisfy more than his basic needs.

Using the right loyalty strategies, we will achieve that the casual consumer  becomes a regular customer. The challenge is to turn the establishments into spaces that facilitate a quick glance. You have to look for the potential customer to feel at ease. You have to provide what you want and not just what you need. Allow to circulate comfortably through the store. That way we will get the customer to visit us more regularly and, consequently, generate more purchase options.

For this, merchandising strategies have been developed. They seek to increase profitability at the sale´s point. That´s why it´s important to present the product or service to the end customer in the best conditions. Making the buyer feel special is a trick that can not be wasted. There are different ways of rewarding your faithfulness.

For this purpose, GLOBAL STAMP has developed strategic loyalty plans tailored to each group, with different characteristics and using the latest digital techniques, to make the best use of resources in order to achieve optimum results.




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