Use our free Pinterest App to display your Pinterest images as an application installed on your Facebook Page.

You can customize this by presenting the pins in whichever way you think will look most attractive to your users. Provide entertainment for your fans and incentivize their interaction, thereby helping to strengthen your brand and dynamize your online channels.

With our free Pinterest app you can create your Pinterest tab for your Facebook page and display all your pins and boards on your Facebook page. You will be able to customize this tab in order to publish all your Pinterest content on Facebook and give it more visibility and reach. The Pinterest tab installed as an app on your Facebook page will allow you to incentivize the interaction and provide entertainment for your fans, strengthen your brand image and dynamize your online channels. You will be able to install the Pinterest tab in all your Facebook pages at the same time.

The Pinterest tab for Facebook is free and registration is not required. Simply select your Pinterest username and your Facebook page, and the tab will be automatically installed on your Facebook page with all your pins and boards.