Set Goals

When deciding the implementation of a loyalty program in an establishment, a clear definition of the objectives to be achieved in the medium and long term should be made. Thus, in general, possible objectives that can be raised are:

        • Reward loyal customers.
        • Create loyalty among not loyal customers
        • Generation of traffic.
        • Increase the average purchase size.
        • Other objectives adapted to the strategy and situation of the establishment.


When what is proposed is a multisponsor loyalty program, that is, common to establishments in a commercial area, the objectives perceived by the merchants can draw the following conclusions.

The benefit most related to the proposed program is to increase the satisfaction of the customers of the establishment, that is, the award to loyal customers.

Although it is not clear that it will result in an increase in billing, in general it is perceived that the average ticket may increase slightly, in addition to the aforementioned increase in its satisfaction: the “reward to its good customers”.

Taking all this into account, the objectives of the multisponsor program can be realized in the following aspects:

  • Keep the customers in the establishments of the zone.
  • Provide new benefits to customers in stores, increasing their level of satisfaction.
  • Loyalty of customers in the area.
  • Shared costs and synergies between commercial establishments.

The main objective is to achieve maximum dissemination of the program both in number of shops and customers, since the success of the program will depend on it.