With our survey maker app you can identify your users’ profile, get feedback about their consumer habits and their opinions of your brand and products. Segment users and expand your database of potential customers for future communication and loyalization actions. Surveys can also be used to present your products and services in a more dynamic way.

Segméntalos e incrementa así tu base de datos con clientes potenciales para posteriores acciones de comunicación y fidelización.

Use our survey maker app to make your own poll and get more information about your followers and customers, obtain their feedback about your brand and products, and learn more about their consumer habits and preferences.

You can fully customize the survey and design it exactly as you want by adding pictures, text and videos. You can add questions to let users rate your service, ask them to give their opinion about your products, or even make them pick their favorite among your proposals. Use the summary page to show the right and wrong answers and choose if you want the users to start over or continue to registration.

The survey maker app will let you identify and segment your users based on their profile and add them into your customer database. You will be able to use the sweepstakes tool in order to carry out a random prize draw among all users that complete your online survey.