Design of program´s features

Once the objectives of the program have been determined and to whom it is targeted, it is necessary to define and specify the conditions of adhesion of the clients to the program, as well as the benefits that they will receive. This is a key phase, since it is necessary to configure a combination of rewards and benefits that must be really valued by customers for the program to succeed.

Decisions to be taken:

A) Advantages for customers

There are multiple variants of loyalty programs; Traditionally, consumer buying behavior has been closely linked to commercial actions on the price of goods and services; The fact that customer loyalty is generally interpreted as being achieved through the reduction of prices, discounts or promotions makes the incentives of these characteristics more frequent in the loyalty programs of the companies. In addition, these are also the More valued by consumers; Thus, as shown in the survey, more than 60% places the advantages in prices (coupons, direct discounts or accumulation of points redeemable for discounts on future purchases) as the most important aspect of a loyalty program.

But not everything has to be advantages in price; Other types of services and privileges are also highly valued by customers. Thus, having free parking spaces is the preferred benefit element for 13% of the population.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, the design of a loyalty program has great potential to put in place original and creative advantages, which also has a great acceptance by consumers; Thus, having preferential offers and treatment as well as free services are the following preferred characteristics of a loyalty program.

Another aspect to take into account is how to apply the advantages in prices, as regards the relationship between the use of the program and the advantages to receive.

In this sense, approximately 60% of consumers opt to have the same discounts and advantages regardless of the purchase, as can be seen in the chart.










In addition, the proliferation of loyalty cards in the market makes the majority of consumers have cards that almost never used. This is another factor to take into account since 80% of consumers are already adhered to some loyalty program.




Another aspect to keep in mind is that consumers prefer simple and easy to understand programs.

If you opt for an accrual program points should be a simple mechanism to understand and easy to redeem.





B) Existence of participation costs

In general, it is considered that “you should not pay for a card that serves to buy”, and that “then certainly not pay” because “if you pay for benefits, they are not benefits.”








C) Association with a bank

Given the possibility that some banking entity participates in the loyalty program serving the card as a payment method, there is some reluctance on the part of customers who, in general, believe that it is preferable to be only a loyalty card.


As for consumers, about 70% expressed their preference for cards not associated with payment of the purchase. In those who prefer that they are, comfort is imposed as a motivation for this preference.
Among consumers who prefer to be just loyalty, the most widespread reasons are the preference to pay in cash and the distrust towards the use of cards different from those of your bank.




D) Types of establishments to be included in the program


When deciding which establishments could join the program, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a problem for consumers that the program integrates all types of commerce.