Entertain your followers with a multiple-choice question and answer test and keep them engaged with your brand. Show different final messages according to the answers. Use this tool to set up for example a Q&A personality test and presentpersonalized content about your products and services based on the habits and preferences of the participants.

With the multiple-choice test creator you can make a questionnaire to entertain users and followers of your social networks and online channels.

You will be able to fully customize your multiple-choice test by adding pictures, written content and videos to offer the participants a fun and engaging experience branded to your business.

Set up different final messages based on the answers which will be displayed upon completing all the questions of the test. You can also use the summary page to show the right and wrong answers and choose if you want the users to start over or continue to registration. Participants will be able to share their results on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even via Whatsapp.

Organize a viral marketing campaign: Users will love sharing their results with their friends making these among the best social media campaigns! In a nutshell, offer your followers a fun experience, while presenting personalized content about your products and services based on the participants’ preferences.