Organize a writing-based contest to encourage users to express themselves. Essay, short story, poetry, opinion… You name it. All written submissions can be published in a gallery so they can be read, shared, commented on and voted for.

Organize a writing-based contest to let your users and followers take part in an essay, short story or poetry competition.

Or ask them their opinion on something. The essay contest app creates a microsite where participation takes place. You can also allow users to enter via Facebook by publishing the promotion in a tab and/or Twitter with the promotion’s hashtag added to their tweet. All submissions can be displayed in a comments gallery which you will be able to fully customize.

Ask participants to submit recipes, favorite quotes, or any other written expression in your UGC contest and you will be able to moderate comments in order to control what will be published in the gallery.

Allow ‘voting on entries’ to grow the reach of your writing contest across social networks. You can choose the winners by public voting, by jury or by carrying out a final sweepstakes among all participants.