Organize a photo contest among your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Publish the photo competition on your social networks and on any website.

Photography contests are great to create engagement, visibility and UGC. Manage and moderate the entries and pick a winner.

Create a photography competition using our Facebook Photo Contest App and let users and followers take part in a photo competition by uploading pictures taken with their cameras, mobile phones or images they have stored on their computers and social networks.

Allow users to partipate in your user generated photo campaign via all social networks: Facebook, as well as Twitter and Instagram by using the contest’s hashtag.

All images can be displayed in a photo gallery which you will be able to fully customize. You will be able to moderate photos in order to control what pictures will be published in the photo gallery. Viralize and extend the reach of your photo contest by enabling voting, so that all pictures can attract votes and be shared across all social networks. Make this a part of your successful social media campaigns.

You’ll be able to use the Full Screen Gallery to project all the images of the contest on a screen or high resolution monitor in real time.