Use our Promotional Codes app to distribute unique coupon codes to users upon registration. Incentivize purchases and increase visits to your points of sale by distributing promotional codes to participants which they can redeem for discounts or gifts. Verify the codes at the point of sale easily and effectively with the Code Redemption Portal. Make the most of this incentive to attract users and expand your database of potential customers. 

Distribute unique promotional codes with the Promotional Codes app, which will allow you to incentivize online purchases and encourage visits to your e-commerce or online store by means of a code that can be redeemed for discounts, gifts, offers and promotions.

The promotional codes app maker will let you distribute unique alphanumeric codes to participants, which you can previously upload to the tool. In order to obtain a code, users will be required to fill in a registration form which can be fully customized by the administrator.

This way, besides having a system to distribute the codes in a controlled way, you will be able to obtain all contact details of the users that register in the promotion. The promotional codes app maker provides all the tools to make the distribution complete: instructions, automatic sending of the code via email, export users with the codes assigned into CSV, etc.

In addition, in order to automatize and speed up the code redemption process in the stores, you will be able to show the code in barcode or QR code format. This way, the codes will be converted automatically into barcode or QR code format. In addition, you will be able to use the Code Redemption Portal in order to automatically verify the codes in the store.